Top 8 Travel Bloggers of Australia which you must Follow

Nowadays traveling has become the best part of our life. There are many adventure places to travel like Historical places, beaches, hill stations, etc. Everyone goes to these places in their vacation. We don’t have enough time to spend with our family due to our heavy work so when we get the time we should go on vacation,  it also helps in building and strengthening our relationship among our family members. Before our every vacation we make a list of each and every place where we are going to see and stay. Australia is the best place for traveling and also for vacation many bloggers come here to enjoy their vacation and share all the essential information of their whole traveling by uploading their whole video and writing interesting stories adventures journey so that others could be more clear for his vacation. There is a list of some Travel Bloggers of Australia who had traveled in Australia many times.

8 Best Travel Bloggers of Australia

Y travel

We feel so happy when we go on vacation with our family. We will talk about a blogger. Caz and Craig Makepeace who are travelling from16 years. They have travelled to 5 countries. Now they use to travel with their daughters  Kalyra and Savannah. Till now Caz and Craig have made a tour of the entire country that’s why they call the world their home. They had made a website y travel where they post all blogs videos and information of their each and every journey. If want any type of information you can visit on their official website.

World of wanderlust

Like many other bloggers, Brooke have too started her journey alone when she was only 20 years old. After some time she created her own website world of wanderlust where she started sharing her all videos and blogs that she makes during her journey. Brooke grew in Tasmania and her first adventure trip was in Europe after then she moved to America, Africa, Asia, North America, old middle east, south America, and she is right now in New Zealand.You can read her blogs and all videos on her official website.

Time travel turtle

Michel turtle is the founder of this website. During his early age, he had worked in so many places. Newspaper, tv reporter. He uses to tell many interesting stories as much as he can remember.. Michel always uses to say that there is so many adorable places to visit in the world. Michel has never been to his house because he consumed his all-time in reporting of new places from one country to another. Michel always does things in a different way. You can get more information on his website. From there you can also see videos and other blogs from there.

Mapping Megan

Megan Jerrard Australian journalist had founded this website partnered with his husband and a photographer mike. They both are fearless and adrenaline junkies. They use to go skydiving in Switzerland paragliding and walk with the elephant in Africa their journey is unbelievable. Till now Megan has visited 50 countries across the world. She is traveling in 2007. Mike is a wildlife photographer with 25 years of experience. Being together they bring very interesting stories with attractive pictures. You can also check their updated videos and blogs on their official website mapping, Megan.

The Road anywhere

Dean is a fearless person and the founder of this website. He loves outside adventure.  He travels a lot. He has done so much treating during his whole journey. Dean had traveled to many countries for pleasure and happiness. Dean is currently staying in Brisbane and from here he often uses to go out. You can get more information about the dean from his official website The road anywhere.

Flying the nest

This website is run by young Aussie couple Stephen and jess. They are also very epic YouTubers. If you are fond of watching videos of beautiful destinations from all over the world you can follow them. They active from 2014 and they blog daily about their adventurous trip. They travel the world every time. The videos and pictures they upload are really   interesting. You can check their videos and photos on Fly the nest website.

The travel tart

Basically this website is for searching for travel information and for enjoyment than go for this website. You can see here the small overview of the world. You can read here the content like Infographics, silly travel, funny Russian swear words, you can also find cheap flights here. If you want to find more information you can directly visit The travel tart site.


Nomadasaurus is the biggest travel blog written in Australia and organized by travel writers and photographers. This website is founded by Alesha Bradford and Jarryd sallen. They have been a big traveler they overland their journey from Asia to Africa. Alesha Bradford and Jarryd sallen had written many amazing stories and blogs of their adventures journey. They have covered all their journeys by road. For reading their all adventurous stories and blogs you can visit their official site Nomadasurus.


If you are planning your journey to any part of the earth and not aware of anything of that place then you can visit the official sites of these bloggers where you can get any information regarding your journey it can be on traveling, Hotels, food, vehicles prices and many more.

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