Top 7 Epic Bollywood Movies Shot in America – Best Tourist Spots

A lot of people are highly inspired by Bollywood movies to explore world locations. Exposure of living have an effect on Bollywood movies. Our parties, weekend, festivals etc all are sketchy without movies. Most of the people like these things and people also inspire for tour and travel by Bollywood movies. Movies shot at different international travel destinations that are shown in movies which are quite sufficient to make people influenced to mesmerize that place specialty, charm, and beauty. Movies are always our good getaway from the boring routine. From movies we carry and imagine us into the world of entertainment, fantasy, and glamour to enjoy, explore the new destination places to feel relaxed and get new experience. Through Bollywood movies we get information about places and also these movies visualize picture-perfect landmarks or location popularity. Sometimes we imagine ourselves at the destinations and dream to visit the place.

There are many Bollywood movies that motivate and uplift you to travel to different places with loved ones to celebrate and memorize your happiness in different places. Movies that are shot in international travel places and take the place of travel aim. Some of Bollywood Movies Shot in America listed below :

Kal Ho Na Ho

This film is based on a love story and it is fantastic & entertaining.  The story of Kal Ho Na Ho completely shot in New York, USA. This film has charming scenes of the city and framing every popular spot of  the New York, like Times Square, Wall Street, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park etc. You can choose this place for your destination vacation to explore.


The movie shot at beautiful places of the Pristine country including Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and for the song ‘Hawa Hawa’. You can visit other exciting places to joy in Czech Republic look on with the likes of Seat of Happiness Temple, Karlstejn Castle and Norbulingka Institute.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

YJHD, one song shot in france with amazing and memorizing scenes of Notre Dame, and  in a busy street market in Paris for the song ilahi. The film song which is specially shot in France attract you and we sure you’re not back by visiting this fantastic and beautiful place. Plan for dream vacation with family and friends.


Movie is about to travel alone and learnt to love with herself & nature and boost you moral level. This movie showed how your experience and knowledge build you a perfect person when you locate yourself. In the film Queen travel to Paris & Amsterdam and she enchant the lovely, fantastic cities. Film taught us about the journeys we carried by ourselves are the best experiences of our lives. Visit the place Paris & Amsterdam to enjoy the landscape, greenery, and explore to new destination.

Anjaana Anjaani

The Bollywood song ‘Hairat’ from Anjaana Anjaani that has been shot  at the Jean Dry Lake in the Nevada desert heart of the United States of America. This film uplift the tourism by its stunning picture-landscape shown in the movie. you can get almost any type of landscape according to your movie requirements you want. You can enjoy the shining lake, greeny by visiting nevada city of USA to experience the moment spend on new place. 

My Name Is Khan 

The film choose California State Capitol for the climax scene of My Name Is Khan, where the king khan meets the president. United States is a large industry that provide services of international and domestic tourists per year. United States mainly attractions for amusement parks, festivals, gambling, golf courses, historical buildings and landmarks, hotels, museums, galleries, outdoor recreation, spas, restaurants and sports for tourists. 

Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3, Tu Hi Junoon” song was shot in the neighbourhood of Diversey in Chicago, USA

in front of the pretty wooden porches of Chicago alleys.  This country offers a variety of picture landscape. But, very expensive to shoot in the USA, the big banner films shot their. There are many attractive places to visit to enjoy and full masti. If you watched the movies, you feel to go to that place or imagine herself at the place. Chicago is a very beautiful place to explore the vacation with colleagues. 


Movies shot at different places to take markable and stunning pictures of landscape, peaks that  promote travel to explore new places. Bollywood movies promote tourism with some motive i.e to see out their culture, popularity, dishes etc. To urge, knowledge-sharing between different countries or uplift tourism. You can visit above Bollywood Movies Shot in America or you can also be inspired by movies when you watched to become a dream come true.  

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